Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to"Blue Steel"

Invented by Zoolander.
You boys can learn alot from this baby. Future shmodel in the making

Now, living in Greepoint (Cape Town's model central) one tends to feel like it's a friggin catwalk. So I decided to help those who are not aware of how to blue steel and teach you all I know. This is how it's done. To get a more practical example, come to Greenpoint main road, sit at Doppio Zero and watch and learn. Watch specifically the male model techinic in how to cr0ss the road like a sexy male model.
  1. Pose your lower body, this is mainly up to you (popping of the collar is highly suggested).
  2. Tilt one of your shoulders towards the camera.
  3. Make sure your face is looking directly at the camera.
  4. Pucker your lips; and suck in your cheeks some.
  5. Squint your eyes just a bit, as if there is a strong wind or sand blowing at you.
  • Breathe in and hold it to make your chest look bigger.
  • Look into the center of the lens, which will make your eyes look stunning in the photograph.
  • Do not turn left, as this would result in "Magnum" instead.
  • Do not do this around ladies if you do not want them to be attracted to you.
  • Does not work as well for men.
Things You'll Need
  • A face
  • An expert photographer and/or woman
  • A pose-off competition

Thursday, February 17, 2011

soft like cotton

Fashion Shoot

Lisa and Sara- Y Models
Make-Up & hair by Natalie Roos and Samantha Kaye
Styling by Kaylene West

Good job team!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

oh so pretty

wednesday night lili rose and i attended a gorgeous launch of L E A N D R A D o P E R E I R O • i wore the SJP nakes dress, with my favourite brogues from jean pant :) one had to get a password to get into the little soiree, mine was Raphael Young... being as obssesed with his shoes as i am, the PR manager for leandra's range rightly gave me the name :) The LDP girl is chic, feminine and girlishly wild in spirit, soul & L O V E ! ❈ Official Campaign Hashtag #FashionLoveStory to be kept in the loop! Add her on fb and twits. the girls all looked amazing. thanks for a lovely evening ladies :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

me and my ferrari

dress by Simona Ferrari and make up by Nandi Fourie... we had us a grand old time!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

very nice

by far my best dressed couple of the day. gorgeous!
these two were adorable. very collonial vintage inspired look. loved it.
loved this girls dress. very sexy, yet different, loved the feathers look. it really suited her.
gorgeous, elegant, classy. loved the abstract tailored look. she pulls this look off really well.
boys in shorts and suit jackets i always love. scarf tied as a bow tie aslways adds a cute quirky edge to a guys outfit.
same goes for you son. very nice :)

oh heelllllllllssss to the NO!

come on dude. that thing is like a bedazzled fanny flab. unfortunately i didn't get a picture from the front but she basically had diamnte's covering her nipples. it was bad.
hahahahah. i seriously thought her lips were and boobs were gonna pop when i was talking to her. come on chic, plastic surgery is so 90'S. you look ricidiculous!
oh hellllls the nooooooooooooo!!! these two clearly are not good friends cos I would never let me friends leave the house looking like this. these ensembles were a frickin disaster. and then i think to myself.... how many hours did it take you, slaving in front of the mirror to make yourself look this bad??
babes. babes. babes. no. seriously??? thise sandles with footless lace tights?? really? no wait. you think that worked?? really?
apparently belville tannies were also allowed in the met. i think tannie on the left stole the j&b ribbon from the decor and wrapped her dress with it. No i'm serious. i think she did.
oooohhhhhhhh the gals really pulled out the big guns ey??? so bedazzled! groooooowwwwwlll in you naimal print mama grooooowwwlllll!!!!!!
like i said, these people can't be friends. what the fffuuuuuuuuuu???? it's looks like tissue paper vomitted all over her. no babe. no.oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, how's this green number?? baby girl looks like she escaped a bad Paarl matric farewell. no babes. no.